Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our business philosophy is founded on a distinct corporate vision and mission, underlined by a set of clearly defined
values which help to identify us as NIS Bearings - the company you want your business to roll smoothly on.

Our Vision: A Tier One Bearings Company

Our Mission: Recognised on par with the world’s leading brands

Our corporate mission galvanises the NIS Bearings team into achieving our business objectives in measurable, achievable and timely terms. It also provides the alignment through which we are able to realise our corporate vision, and embrace the ultimate recognition of our clients that NIS Bearings is a reliable and trustworthy brand.


Our Values

Over the years, NIS Bearings has honed competencies and capabilities that have helped us stay on the leading edge of innovation, and consistently ahead of our competitors. This is because our motivation is centered on a set of core values that we strive to achieve.

We aim to be:

This is one of our core differentiating factors - our desire to stay abreast with the latest technical knowledge and market trends necessary to ensure our customers are kept up to date.

The energy we radiate from our corporate culture and business environment serves us well. It gives us an additional edge, one which we use to positively influence our customers.

NIS Bearings is quietly confident in the superiority of the products and services we offer. This radiates across our business and manifests strong assertiveness in all our client dealings.

NIS Bearings cares for our customers. We go the extra mile to meet their bearings needs, secure in the knowledge that they have come to rely on us for reliable technical solutions they can count on.

We remain focused on achieving our business targets and operational goals. Accordingly, every effort we take leads us towards achieving our vision and mission.  

Team driven
In working closely as a team, we believe we can develop a business cohesiveness that will serve to strengthen us from the core. Therein lies our success.